Sunday, October 17, 2088

A bit about me.

My name is Eric.  I am what I call a serial hobbyist.  I don't normally stick with any one interest for too long.  This is perhaps most evident in my buying-used-electric-mini-organs-on-ebay-and-combinging-working-parts-from-each-to-make-one-or-two-good-electric-mini-organs phase from when I was in college.  Turns out, there are limited uses for those mini-organs when you don't know how to play piano and need more than two octaves for you favorite songs.  From there I have dabbled in building websites, 3d modeling, brick oven building, many different types of video games, ukulele, and now, wood turning.  I am trying very hard to make this one stick.  This is the hobby I'm the most financially invested in and I also get a great deal of satisfaction from the artistic and creative process.

I spend my lathe time mostly making pens although I have dabbled in bowls, candle sticks, Christmas decorations, and various kitchen utensils.  I also find that I get a great deal of satisfaction from finding just the right piece of wood for a project which leads to me spending a lot of time collecting and cutting wood.  I do most of my cutting on a bandsaw but that isn't needed to get started by any means.

I hope this site can help someone else find the satisfaction and joy that I've found from working and turning wood.

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