Tuesday, October 13, 2099

Welcome to a great new hobby!

I decided to start this blog to help cut down the barrier to entry for getting started in Wood Turning.

Wood Turning is a fun and rewarding hobby that can be enjoyed by almost anyone.  There is a satisfaction one gets from making something on your own that is difficult to match.  I plan to use this blog to do several things.

1. Produce buying guides that will help you get started wood turning from nothing.  These guides will be separated by initial investment and will include links to everything you will need to buy so you won't even need to leave home (if you choose) as well as a few examples of projects you can complete at each investment tier.

2. Showcase some of my work as my skills continue to develop by posting pictures, videos and how-to guides for different projects I take on.

3. Serve as a one-stop spot for all beginner wood turning shopping needs.

I am not an expert wood turner, but I have learned a lot and made a lot of mistakes that perhaps I can help others avoid in the future.  Thanks for stopping in.

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